Situated at the southwest of Jiaxing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiaxing Majiabang Healthy Food Town neighbors Jiaxing Airport, a bus passenger terminal and Majiabang exit of Zhajiasu Expressway. It stretches to National Highway 320 in the west and Baiyunqiao Road in the east. Also, it leans against Wanguo Road-Kaixi Road in the north and adjoins Nanpu Road in the south. This town covers a total area of around 3.05 km2. On January 28, 2016, Jiaxing Majiabang Healthy Food Town, approved by Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission, was successfully included in the name list on the second batch of feature towns (42 towns) in the province.

Jiaxing Majiabang Healthy Food Town enjoys solid foundation for industrial development. 7 famous healthy food enterprises from both home and abroad have resided in this small town: the U.S. Abbott Nutrition, one of the global top 500 enterprises and Mars Foods, one of the world's largest food manufacturers, enjoy good production and operation; projects for Hormel Foods, the world's largest turkey manufacturer and one of the largest meat brands in the world, French Monin Seasoning and Italian Michielan Gelato have been successfully constructed and put into production; Provege Protein Food project with a total investment of 130 million Yuan has been under construction. Also, the high-end KapalApi Coffee project with a registered capital of USD 12 million and a total investment of USD 30 million will be constructed at the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

Jiaxing Majiabang Healthy Food Town enjoys rich and profound cultural connotation. Majiabang is the place of origin of rice planting culture and the national key unit for the protection of historical relics. Majiabang Ruins called as the "source of Jiangnan culture" is situated at this small town. The long history, profound cultures and super-high popularity of Majiabang are favorable to fill in profound cultures and to facilitate the town's tourism development. So far, the Town Lounge phase I project (around 65 mu) has already entered the main construction stage; the overall plan for 21.5 ha. Majiabang Ruins Park has been basically completed. Also, the construction of Majiabang Museum with the floor space of 7,860 m2 has already been initiated.

Based on the "Healthy Industry", Jiaxing Majiabang Healthy Food Town, in the concept of "Healthy Food", plans and constructs four major functional areas, i.e. Healthy Food Production Area (east area), Healthy Food Production Area (west area), Comprehensive Supporting Service Area and Majiabang Ruins Park Area. Also, three main industries, including healthy food manufacturing, productive service and cultural experience tourism are prioritized, so as to form the food industrial chain that integrates the food R&D, production, sales exhibition, logistics and tourism. Here, we spare no efforts to create the town featuring healthy food manufacturing, productive service and cultural experience tourism.

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